Thursday, June 4, 2009

jonathans workout

Hi, my name is jonthan white. I would like for everyone out there to get to know a product that i use extensivly myself for each and everyworkout that i do. It has been a major part of my gym workout as well as for my martial arts training. I on occasion do personal training and i have found that you dont have to be in martial arts or into extensive workouts to benifit from this equipment. It can be used in many different was and fashions from day one. It can be used as a warm up routeen for anyone instead of a workout , as well as part of your overall workout or exercise activities. you will find that its a very cost effective way of adding to or replacing some of what you already do,as well as an excellent place to start an excercise program no matter how much time you have. Today i find that time and money has become more and more of an issue with all of us so for those of us that would not only like to try to add a little or a lot more activity in our lives this is one product that i will swear by and promise you wont be dissapointed by! I use it myself and along with many others have found that the different levels of resistence that you can get are excellent for all workouts!

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