Friday, June 5, 2009

MMA gloves

Hi everyone.

Todays post is about some more of my own personal gear that i use in my training and i just wanted everyone out there that uses this type of gear to know about these also.

i've noticed quite a bit of people out there with this gear normally have the standard issue UFC brand gloves.

They are of excellent caliber but today i want you to look at a different brand as well. I got these a while back just to try a different brand to start testing out different ones just because thats what i do and as ull see soon ill have a lot more products on here that i use and/or know about personally and will give you the ins and outs on.

I use these gloves for all types of work outs including bag work, sparring , stand up , grappling , strikes ect... and have found them to be excellent for most all types of activties in and out of the school and ring.

They are very cost effective and this type of glove normally ( it not being leather) would not be used for bag training but i've found that they hold up well even up against the torment and punishment that i've put them through.

I hope that you will at least give this brand a try for yourselves and just see if you dont get what you expect out of your gear!

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