Saturday, August 6, 2011

workout/exercise: The realization of...

workout/exercise: The realization of...: "... a taste , a smell- a sensation - a past memory - a moment of exuberance, a song... All these things have something in common... They are..."

The realization of...

... a taste , a smell- a sensation - a past memory - a moment of exuberance, a song...
All these things have something in common...
They are things that you'll find in your everyday life that you have experienced up to this point and remind us of things from everyday living to things lived in the past.
Not necessarily the person we are today,( or for some,maybe so) but of the moments in time where we knew exactly what we wanted out of life or maybe even take on the world.
...or at least make it through the rest of the week...

So many times we go through our daily grind ( I use the term "grind" as a metaphor for "effort")
like we did the day before, and for those that find or have found themselves at a point where some of the normal daily worries are taken care of, even though those can be overwhelming at times,I find that it does help not to lose sight....

You know that sort of week,...force yourself out of bed,maybe get the kids off and running, or hunting yet again the dang keys ( that by the way I am positive evil little elves do exist!)
that have come up missing for the second time this week..., stop for gas because you we're to
tired to do it yesterday, realize you have again forgot something,barely make it to work on time,
(or ran late!) .
Then deal with customers or employees that have went through exactly the same thing,
maybe or maybe not find time for a quick lunch... try to finish up your work before quitting time,
oh wait , dang it another meeting this week?!...hurry to the house, wait I have to run by the store so let me turn around...crap I can't get a signal to call that ill be late for the meeting!
finally get in , to tired to eat, still have to fix something for the rest of these guys,
Who wants to order pizza?...What?, there will be almost an hour wait unless we pick it up?!
Where are my freakin keys?!...Crap in five hours I have to be up!

OK, I think you guys get the picture....
You can also replace some of these with your on personal experiences but you see what I mean...
Here's another example that I have actually used from time to time....

Two guys ( lets call them Chris and Dave) leave the house for work one morning and head down the highway... they both leave at the same time with java in hand...
soon after they have gotten on the road they both hear a noise.
Chris soon discovers that he is in the process of having a flat..
Dave also discovers that the motor in his vehicle is about to blow up... they are both stopped on the side of the road now...
So which one of these two would you say is having a worse morning?

If you said Dave you would be wrong! How is that you ask? Because neither one knows about the other and in the grand scheme of things each ones problem is just as important to him as it is to the other...
The moral of this story is that all situations that arise in your life IS a big deal to you at the time so if you encounter someone that sometimes has what seems to be a trivial one don't be quick to dismiss it, for to that person that's all they may be able to see at that time.

But... concerning the first...
look at it from a different angle, maybe one that others would be more than happy to be in.
You woke up this morning- when is the last time that as you woke up you said a prayer of thanks that you had yet another chance to maybe do some good today?
Thanks that you have been blessed with a child or two in your life and that another day with them is the best thing you could ever hope for....
Thanks for keys to your ride that allow you to get back to your own place everyday?
Or for the job that you might have ,(although some days your not sure about it HA HA)
or for the ones at your job that you might have an opportunity to help before the days out.
or that at the end of the day you can lay down in your bed once again knowing that you tried your best?
I'm as guilty as anyone has been for losing sight and not being as thankful for what I do have and especially for those around me...
Just remember when that happens when things seem to wait when you fall to kick you dead off in the head that there are a few things we can do... watch a movie-you might get energized-
listen to music-it might bring you to tears- write someone a letter-you might remember-
visit a friend - they might give you a hug- listen to the Rocky theme-it might inspire you-
and above all -read your Bible - God might speak to you....

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't forget the things that brought you down the path to where you are today: My Instructor Mr. Jimmy just recently told me that we need to realize that all the decisions we had made so far have brought us exactly where we are right now,and that its not always a bad thing! Thanks Mr. J-
So look around you find the couple of things that inspire you and give that to those around you, I know I could use it! ha ha
I would also like to say a word of thanks to Pastor Scott Pittman for some inspiration he has recently given me.... Thanks to all of you in my life....

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Living with Martial Arts

As I write this blog I find myself thinking of my title " Living with Martial Arts".

What exactly does this mean?

Well I turn to someone that I think has a real world answer to that question,

my instructor - Master Jimmy Miller.

A few years ago when I started this journey into Martial Arts,I found myself rooted into Tae Kwon Do with Mr. Jimmy as an instructor.

Not having much knowledge of this art, I really didn't know what to expect, but quickly was taught a couple of basic lessons by Mr J. that to this day I use regularly with students in and out of the schools.

I always smile a little at one of them when I find myself thinking of the past.

When Mr. Jimmy and myself sparred for the first time, he went thru the basic motions of what to try to work on, which also included blocking.

After about three "pops" upside my head, he simply stopped what he was doing to say, " son, you might want to get your hands up".

Now you might think that this sounds a little trivial but it brings me to my point...

That in Martial Arts one cannot dismiss even the smallest of things that will perhaps aid or assist us later on.

The basic "things" not only work but can also be very usefull when in Martial Arts itself and teaching others, but also extends to way beyond "KARATE" as some would say.

If you ever have been in Martial Arts or are currently still serving you will find that applying these priciples to "real world" applications can and will help you when you least expect it.

Since being in Martial Arts for a number of years I have ;

1st : Learned that all things do revolve around the principles founded in said "Art".

2nd: That you will try and fail more times than you care to remember but that something small like " Perserverance" can help one to keep giving the best that he has to offer at that time.

That being said , I would like to say that if your not in Tae Kwon Do you might want to give it a try, you might find you have more in common with it than you imagined, I did and would like to thank my instructor Mr. Jimmy for giving me my roots that I now have.

If you are in Martial Arts don't forget the ones that helped you get there that took time out of there life ( whether they be instructors or classmates) to teach or show you things that you might not have learned otherwise.

In your own life don't forget the basics or the little things.....