Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Yin and Yang of Life....and what I'm doing about mine.

You know as time passes for all of us one thing remains true,
certain people and situations in our lives tend to not change or change very much even in the event
of changes on they're side.

Have you ever stopped to think about the main person or persons in your life that seem to bring
on or always be apart of the "Yin" side of your life?
Maybe its not just a person but a whole area or section that these people seem to be attracted to
or be a part of.

In the Martial Arts there has always been a connection between the symbols of the Yin and the Yang.
Sometimes that symbol has been used to represent "Karate" as its called ,but its true meaning has to do
with Good vs. Evil as well as in every good there is a little evil and for every evil there there contains
an amount of good, simply put it takes both to have balance in all things.

The reason I start this out this way is to set the tone for the chain of thought I wish for you to have as you read this.
The point to all this is that we go thru life and things happen to us sometimes bad sometimes good but
the one thing for sure is that we have all been given a path to take .
Ever found yourself wondering what yours is? Life is all about perception , sometimes the way we see
things is not always the way it truly is.
Case in point- I remember when I was little for some reason I did not realize what an actual banana
tree was, so when I found out that we were going over seas and after my mom had given me a little
info on some of the big move , me and my imagination started to work overtime! Proof yet again that
with a little imagination so many things are possible.....
I saw in my mind this awesome layout of an estate with all the coolest things that a boy could ever
dream up, with trees everywhere and all the possible clubs and tree houses I would build,
but there was this one awesome tree, the "banana" tree that I would attach my rope from and be
propelled from the tree to my second story window of my room, how cool would that be?
It was like the scene out of "Home Alone".
Needless to say (yes I'm going to anyway) when I actually got there and saw one up close and personal
I had my "perception" totally changed.

I came to realize that my thoughts of awsomeness would never come to pass.
Very soon though I got ok cause there really was a type of estate!

But back to my point...
I have had this very conversation with a couple of people and come to the conclusion that if you want
your life to be more productive then you have to help make it that way.
Sometimes you have to try to get rid of the extra Yin in your life so you can make room for more
Yang, and maybe for the reverse as well , I guess it could depend on your point of view.
When I first started to study Bruce Lee's works I read his words on taking and using the things that in each art you study and getting rid of the stuff that doesn't work for you.
Life is the same.
What does this mean? Well I think each person will have to figure that out for themselves but what I
have found is that if there are things in your life that suck the life out of you or just always seem to cause
some form of drama have you always noticed it seems to always be the same people or places that
put you in that position?
What I found is that sometimes we have to cut out the ones that seem to have that effect on your lives.
I'll let you come to the conclusion of what parts of your life you would like to change for the better.
Then again you may have a God given life of blessings and wonders and don't have any need for
changes in your life but for most of us we are an ongoing training session! 
 So if you think maybe you have a little to much Yin in your life then maybe its time for you to start
putting more Yang in its place!.....