Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Strength of a Warrior

The Strength of a Warrior

Do you know what that means? Can the average person say they do?
In your everyday life can you say that you have experienced what it truly means to be in today's
society - A WARRIOR ?

I think that we all have a conception of what a real warrior is supposed to be, but when you get right
down to it do you label someone based on things that they have done, or is it maybe something a
little more "vague" or maybe I should use the term - overlooked?

Well in this post I would like to render some of what that has meant to me, and point out a few examples
of people that have not only embodied what today's normal warrior looks like but have in some way made
a difference in my own life.

kick,Kick,KICK!- again,again,AGAIN....his voice resonating against the walls.
Circling around me hands waving about in a crazy yet controlled , keeping me focused, not giving me a
second to breath ; don't think , only react! React!! Kick, move, again, again...

I'm thinking back to a moment in my life of extreme training like I had seldom made the decision to experience till then.
The person : A close personal friend of mine who knows all to well the meaning of sacrifice.

The place   : One of my old Martial Art schools.

The situation: Part of my prepping time that I spent getting ready for my Black Belt test.
  1. Now to some of you that may not mean a lot... but for myself its just one of the things that I remember like it was yesterday that is still able to drive me.
I have said many times that I believe everything revolves around Martial Arts in life....
Kinda like the spirits of past warriors reside in everything, watching over our struggles.
Ever had something tough come up on you and you still found a way to make it through and you didn't give up?
That's called Indomitable Spirit.
It means your incapable of being defeated. That you won't let anyone get in your head or your way if it means holding you back.
Oh wait, that is one of "Karate's" tenants. Yep,definitely part of Martial Arts.

Sometimes it seems like what we want is hardest to achieve even though we have the "want" or that
something that is inside us all, the strength of a warrior.
I have another friend of mine that has been through a lot physically including surgery as well as a lot
of set backs but if anyone could inspire you it would be him.He posts on our FB site " Southern Heat (decent into madness) .
You should check it out, he will give you some good inspiration from time to time. That's something that we
all need, some more than others.
Here lately I have had the good luck and honor to run across a few people that are as much inspiring as
they are interesting. I always enjoy following others that have the same struggles that we all do and have
had but keep on doing there best not to give up. Remember- just show up .
Myself I struggle to find a good balance between life and so many other things but just remember -the Strength of a Warrior is of one that keeps pushing forward, keeps learning, and to realize that you are
strong enough. You can do it. You have indomitable have the Strength of a Warrior.